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Our story

Alok & Harsh are a father son duo that established the eponymous label in 2015. Based out of Calcutta, India, the brand’s roots are deeply embedded in traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist. Having carved itself a niche known for intricate embroideries and statement motifs, A&H present the new wave of occasion wear for men and women.


Alok is the young at heart and soul of Alok & Harsh. With a keen eye for antiquities, ceramics and fine art, he draws inspiration from his vast collection of the same. He loves designing quirky motifs and experimenting with textures and unique colour combinations.


Harsh is the feisty young entrepreneur who switched from his business background at SRCC to pursue his passion. Holding a degree from NIFT, New Delhi, and after a short stint in Paris, Harsh adds the essence of luxury fashion to Alok & Harsh. His love for architecture and travel translate in the designs adding an eclectic voice.


An Alok & Harsh garment is a collaboration between the two generations and the unique voices that they bring to the table. Alok’s love for preserving traditional craftsmanship and intricate embroideries meets Harsh’s modern silhouettes and edgy styling. At A&H every stitch weaves together a story, one which is opulent while being classic - a modern heirloom.